The Elevation Group Scam

by Nicholas Boullester on February 10, 2011

Mike Dillard is 33 year old native of Austin Texas. He went from waiting tables to Millionaire by the age of 26. Over the past five years he has founded two publishing companies, producing $15,000,000 in combined revenue, and over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs from 65 different countries have subscribed to his online newsletter. Four months ago, he walked away from everything in order to share the urgent message and mission of The Elevation Group, you’ll find on this page.

What is The Elevation Group? Is it a Scam? Can it REALLY help you? I’m going to share with you my personal experiences in the EVG and why I think you should take action immediately if you want want to survive this current economic crash.

In the video linked at the end of this page you’ll find out

  • How you can get VERY rich during times of economic turmoil, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest…
  • What’s going to happen in the economy during the next 6 to 36 months that will bankrupt 95% of the population, and how you can protect your wealth… (FACT: This has already happened in 30 different countries during the last 100 years, and TWICE in the US!)
  • How I’ve increased my wealth by 280% since 2008, while most people lost 30-40% – and how you can do the same.
  • Why you’d have to be absolutely crazy to put your money in the stock market right now…
  • Roth IRA or 401K got you down? You’ll learn about a secret “black-box” investment strategy the rich use to grow their money, and retire 100% tax free, even if the stock-market crashes to ZERO…
  • The top 5 challenges facing the US economy, and how to protect yourself from them.
  • How you could have turned a simple $20,663 investment into $770,796.00 in just 9 years in 1980 – and even MORE this time…
  • What’s going to happen soon that will make the price of silver jump from $25 per ounce, to $936, and gold from $1,380 per ounce, to $56,000…
  • How to ensure your children will grow up wealthy, even if you’re poor today…
  • The easy way to buy cash-flow assets like apartment complexes, even if you don’t know much about real-estate…
  • The 3 things you MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY if you want to profit from the largest wealth transfer in human history, that’s taking place RIGHT NOW…

Since joining the EVG back in November I have learned not only how to properly buy Gold and other Precious Metals, but also how to “think” like the rich, how I can have a positive relationship and mindset with my money, This has not only helped me make wiser decisions regarding where to invest my money it has also relieved a great amount of stress from my family.

Inside the EVG you’ll find Lessons and journal entries from Mike himself, from how to have a positive relationship with money and change your own mindset to  Uncovering The Dirty Little Secrets Of The Credit Score Game.

Some people might say this is just a scam, or a rehash of another product on the market, I for one don’t believe it. I’ve not only learned more in the past few months I’ve been a member but I’ve noticed a change in myself and how I view my financial future, I feel as if this is directly related to the training and journals put up by Mike Dillard.

OH! I almost forgot the most important part, right now, until Sunday February 13th 2011 Mike is offering you a membership to the EVG for 50% the monthly cost and 60% off the Yearly cost, This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

So please head on over the The Elevation Group and watch Mike’s 90-minute tell all presentation, Help Secure your financial future.

PLEASE share this opportunity with anyone you feel could benefit from securing their financial future.

~Nicholas Boullester

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kareem williams February 10, 2011 at 7:16 PM

awesome post bro, thanks a million for sharing


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