Mobile content marketing promotes brand awareness

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By extending your brand to mobile content marketing you will promote brand awareness by making sure you’re always with your potential or current clients via an app that you have created just for your business. There are already apps out there that you can brand as your own, so don’t panic. You just put in the info needed to change the app and presto, you’re branded.

If you have an awesome idea for an app but no coding know-how, no need to worry. You can create apps yourself by coming up with an idea, then putting an advertisement on eLance, Odesk, Shelancers or a variety of other places where you can find coders. Your mobile app can be a simple calendar with your branding on it, or a special desk top, or more. It’s up to you and your imagination. And don’t worry outsourcing a simple mobile device app won’t break the bank.

One thing to consider is that a mobile device is not a computer, there is less real-estate, and it’s harder to use a mobile device for navigation through a complicated website. So make it easy for your mobile clients to read, listen, or watch what is important by putting that front and center for your mobile client base.

Due to the fast adoption of mobile devices among the global population, actually outpacing desk top computing, it is more imperative than ever that you start right now deciding on a mobile content marketing strategy. Leveraging mobile content marketing as another component of your over all content marketing strategy will increase brand awareness, client engagement, and eventually your over all return on investment.

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Mobile Content Marketing is super controllable

When thinking of the best time of day or day of the week to send out your eNewsletters, and your email messages we try to pick times where our potential client is at the computer checking email, and that is not always easy. We have such a mobile society, with many people not sitting at their computers all day long.

The increase of Internet access via smart phone technology has increased exponentially over the last two years and this is something Internet marketers need to take into consideration when planning their content marketing strategy. If you’re not convinced yet, realize that with mobile content marketing you will have much more control over when and how your clients receive messages.

You can arrange specific lunch time messages, knowing that your clients are likely out to lunch, sending them a quick text message reminder to check out your new blog post, or the new product, or sale, is going to work a lot better than just hoping they come back to the office and wade through the 100 other eMarketing messages they received while out to lunch. Since most people keep their mobile device with them all the time you can engage your potential client on an entirely different level via their mobile device by sending them pointed text message questions via a social media app and create a conversation via mobile media.

Keeping the conversation going and truly engaging your potential clients with mobile content marketing is something very important for all Internet marketers to start taking advantage. Start thinking about ways in which you can add mobile content marketing to your content marketing strategy.

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Mobile Video – a viable mobile content form

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We all know that video content is big on the Internet and that is no different for mobile content. Cell phone companies cannot move fast enough making sure that video is viewable on their devices with larger screens, super high resolution, and the space to allow for clean, clear, and even streaming viewing of video. The creation of apps to allow mobile users to view various kinds of content are being created every day.

If your blog or website is engaged with education of your market, and your target market uses mobile devices, video content is a great way to educate your potential clients. Creating short video lessons, two to three minutes long, are the perfect mobile content for your potential and clients to view while they wait on line at the doctor or grocery store.

Mobile technology is here to stay, so why not make the most of it with mobile video content which enables your visitors to quickly view your content, take in your lessons. Hopefully your viewers will make the choice to purchase your product since you went so far out of the way to make sure they can get your information and content even while at the grocery store.

Mobile video content can help you connect and engage your site visitors in a brand new way that you couldn’t do just a couple of years ago, it’s the best that mobile content has to offer. There are over 5 billion mobile users globally and people are buying mobile devices at a much faster rate than they are even buying computers. Knowing this, mobile content should be one more bullet point in your over all content marketing strategy.

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Mobile Content Marketing is Gaining in Popularity

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Mary Meeker, the “Queen of the Internet” states that adoption of mobile devices accessing the Internet is taking place at a higher rate than “fixed Internet devices” and will continue to do so until 2014 at which time it will be more popular than accessing the net from our P.C.’s. This is very important to Internet Marketers because it makes it clear that mobile content marketing must be part of your marketing mix in order to simply sustain your momentum that you have gained as well as to attract new customers.

Whether you like Meeker or not the facts are the facts and mobile content is here, so you might as well create a mobile content marketing strategy and get with the big picture. Think about this: There are many people who only get on the net on their mobile device, they do not have a personal computer, if those people are within your target market, start targeting. If you prefer to target personal computer users who also use mobile devices to access the net, well, the same can be said, start your mobile marketing strategy now.

Today, with the advent of mobile technology, your clients or potential clients are connected to the Internet in many ways. You already contact them via email, via social media, and via your web real estate, why not add one more thing to the mix and ramp up your content marketing with mobile content marketing, it can only increase your engagement of your audience, thus also increasing sales, after all a return on investment is what you’re after. If the statistics have any meaning whatsoever, then making your websites and content mobile friendly can only help.

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Mobile content marketing attracts new and keeps current customers

Mobile Content marketing
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I’m sure you know by now that the only real Internet marketing is content marketing, and now we have another way to market our content and that is via mobile content marketing. Mobile content marketing is one more platform in your overall content marketing strategy. Another way to market your content to your clients as well as a way to attract new clients who are too busy to sit down at a computer to look at your website.

In your ongoing effort to build a relationship with your potential clients and customers mobile content marketing is becoming an essential part of that mix. We have to remember that the quantity of users using mobile phones and other devices to access online content is growing by leaps and bounds, and by some reports even outgrowing personal computer adoption. Mobile content marketing cannot be ignored by the savvy Internet marketer who wants to remain relevant.

Mobile access to the net has increased social network use by over millions and is expected to continue to climb. You start by offering your current clients the ability to read, watch and listen to your content via the mobile device that most of your current readers use, or code the site to detect what device is reading. Then you make it easy for your current clients to pass on the information via texts.

The “Queen of the Internet” Mary Meeker stated in her “State of the Internet Report” that “Rapid Ramp of Mobile Internet Usage Will be a Boon to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big (Potentially Very Big) While Many Will Wonder What Just Happened.” Don’t be one of those who just wonders what happened.

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Using Free Ebooks to drive traffic

Free eBooks can be a great way to drive traffic to your site, make affiliate sales or build your reputation as an internet marketer. This Blog post will show you some of the ways to put the power of writing free eBook reports to work for you and help build your internet business.

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HOLD THE PHONE! How do I write a free report?

Even if you are a “newbie” marketer, it’s still very simple to write a report. I would personally use a word document or notepad file to write your report with. If writing comes naturally to you then great, you have an advantage! It should be no problem for you to put your ideas into words. If however you/re not gifted in that area don’t despair, you can simply download other free reports from the internet and study them.  You should always be a student first, and if you don’t fully understand something then go and learn it. it’s as simple as that, and with the advent of the information age learning a new skill has never been easier.

What do I write about?

There are too many topics to discuss here! If you are new, I would start with something that you’re already knowledgeable about. Hobbies, passions, professions, etc… is a good start if you aren’t an experienced marketer. You need to realize that even if something seems simple to you, it is very likely difficult for someone else,  it may seem like common sense to you, however common sense is rarely so common. Part of product creation is finding something that you know enough about to teach someone else. Sit and make a list of your passions, then list what you know about each passion, then choose one of them to write about. it’s as simple as that..

Affiliate Programs

if you are focusing on affiliate marketing, writing a free report can be a great pre-sell letter that warms up your visitor for the real product. You could write a free report related to the topic of the affiliate program and include links throught the report where the reader can click to buy the product. Try not to make the report a “blatant advertisement, for the product. Instead take a neutral stance or even from a critics standpoint.I personally like to write an informative report and give plenty of reasons why the product I’m promoting is needed. Of course it’s better to use the product yourself, believing in the product really helps sales.

Let’s say you are an affiliate for a program that teaches you how to  create a lead capture page and then put it on your website. You could write a free report that shows them how to create that sales page, then recommend they get the full product to learn how to put that sales page into action. Another angle would be a case study, you could write a report outlining how you created your site and what tools and software you used along the way to help make you successful

Case studies make for a very powerful free report!


There are hundred of ways to submit your report, from report directories to websites devoted specifically to articles and reports. You could upload it on your website and then create a product page, now it’s even possible to sell it using amazon and make it available to people using the kindle. There possibilities are endless. One of the best things you can do is offer your free report on a lead capture page, offering it as an inventive to them signing up for your list. Then create an advertisement from facebook leading to that capture page which offers the free reports.

in some of my previous posts I went over specific strategies to generate traffic, these same strategies can also be used to direct traffic to your eBooks page.

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What is MLSP and how can it help you.

MLSPIf you haven’t heard about MLSP (formerly MLM Lead System Pro) Then you have probably been living under a rock. MLSP is the premier online community for Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers. MLSP offers extremely high quality training, all hosted for you, making it easy for you to add duplication into your team. My Lead System Pro makes it possible for you to make money from those who say ‘NO’ you your opportunity, it is a business portal that shows you how to get more results through effective online and offline marketing. If you are looking for more leads in your business, or leads that actually call because you have branded yourself as the leader they are looking for. Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve spent any time in network marketing or you have a social networking account then you’ve probably seen MLSP promoted in one way or another. You may have asked yourself why you should join yet another company. Wel you’re in luck because I’m here to tell you why.

MLSP gives you everything you need to easily setup web campaigns

If you are planning on moving your at home business onto the information superhighway then you know that you need to setup a website to promote your products. You need to get a domain name, then build the site, create images, copy, videos, content, a product list, some way to keep a record of your leads, and auto responder, emails, etc… All of this has to be done before you can even start marketing your content to people. Now I’m not sure about you, but I am personally a little to busy in my day to day life to set all of this up, and I sure can’t aford to pay someone to do it for me. That, my friends, is the beauty of MLSP. Everything I just listed and so much more is already done for you. Not only do they already have the system setup with all of the videos images and content, they also have training they give you on how to implement it and how to create you own content to compliment what’s been done for you. They teach you how to brand yourself, so you aren’t simply selling someone else product, you are selling yourself as a leader an mentor.

One of the hardest parts about starting online is a complete lack of what I like to call “street cred”. Nobody knows you online, no one wants to buy from you because they honestly don’t know if they can trust you. You appear to have nothing to offer. With MLSP you have some of the best content put together by some of the top marketers in today’s world and they literally give you the content to use as leverage, to help you brand yourself as a leader in the eyes of your prospects.

Training is provides to members through weekly webinars and an extensive library of content, from previously recorded webinars, to recorded audio from phone conversations. They have training on everything from PPC and SEO to how to setup your blog. These tools and training alone would cost thousands of dollars, and that’s not including the support you get from the entire community.

 Now that we know what MLSP is, let’s talk about what it isn’t

MLSP is not a lead generation system, I know it’s named My Lead System Pro, however you have to give it the leads, MLSP simply drives them through all of the available training for you. MLSP also give you the option of setting up multiple campaigns to market any one of the MLSP affiliate products you are a part of when you join. You can setup a campaign for facebook, twitter, you blog, the possibilities are endless. It will take some time to figure out all of the options available, the greatest part is there is even training for that.

So let’s cut the chase unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on training and consultations and thousands more on the setup and design to build your own system that makes money while you sleep, you need MLSP. So in the eternal, paraphrased, words of Morpheus – ” This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you Join MLSP and I show you how to setup a system that works for you in your sleep”. Let’s connect and build your business together

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