By extending your brand to mobile content marketing you will promote brand awareness by making sure you’re always with your potential or current clients via an app that you have created just for your business. There are already apps out there that you can brand as your own, so don’t panic. You just put in [...]

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When thinking of the best time of day or day of the week to send out your eNewsletters, and your email messages we try to pick times where our potential client is at the computer checking email, and that is not always easy. We have such a mobile society, with many people not sitting at [...]

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Mobile Video – a viable mobile content form

August 24, 2011

We all know that video content is big on the Internet and that is no different for mobile content. Cell phone companies cannot move fast enough making sure that video is viewable on their devices with larger screens, super high resolution, and the space to allow for clean, clear, and even streaming viewing of video. [...]

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Mobile Content Marketing is Gaining in Popularity

August 23, 2011

Mary Meeker, the “Queen of the Internet” states that adoption of mobile devices accessing the Internet is taking place at a higher rate than “fixed Internet devices” and will continue to do so until 2014 at which time it will be more popular than accessing the net from our P.C.’s. This is very important to [...]

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Mobile content marketing attracts new and keeps current customers

August 22, 2011

I’m sure you know by now that the only real Internet marketing is content marketing, and now we have another way to market our content and that is via mobile content marketing. Mobile content marketing is one more platform in your overall content marketing strategy. Another way to market your content to your clients as well [...]

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Using Free Ebooks to drive traffic

August 21, 2011

Free eBooks can be a great way to drive traffic to your site, make affiliate sales or build your reputation as an internet marketer. This Blog post will show you some of the ways to put the power of writing free eBook reports to work for you and help build your internet business. HOLD THE [...]

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What is MLSP and how can it help you.

July 6, 2011

If you haven’t heard about MLSP (formerly MLM Lead System Pro) Then you have probably been living under a rock. MLSP is the premier online community for Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers. MLSP offers extremely high quality training, all hosted for you, making it easy for you to add duplication into your team. My Lead System Pro [...]

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